Jupiter in 1st House
Personality, Life Outlook
Generally fortunate through out life. Personable. Optimistic. Fun loving. Social & generous. Help always comes but it may wait until the last minute. Attracts & shares wealth with others. Athletic & outdoorsy. Good for judges, lawyers, bankers, religious leaders. Jupiter is heavily influenced by sign it is in. Weakness: Inability to deliver what you promise. Exaggerated sense of self importance.


Jupiter in 2nd House
Personal Resources Finances, Values & Comfort
Increases chances for wealth & general prosperity. Lucky as a risk taker. Indicates good business and money making abilities, however money is likely to be spent just as fast as made. A love for comfort & luxury. Sometimes uses money to buy love. Weakness: Careless about money. Loses money thru lack of foresight. Foolish. Burdensome debts.


Jupiter in 3rd House
Siblings, Childhood, Local Environment & Communication
Constantly keeps learning in all areas of life. Optimistic & cheerful presence. Considerate in all forms of communication. Diplomats. Commentators. Love of travel & other cultures. Excellent relationships with family & associates. Freedom in early childhood. Brothers & sisters are companions & friends. Weakness: Procrastinates. Disorganized. Physically awkward.


Jupiter in 4th House
Family, Home, Roots. Private Life, Property, A Parent
Usually brings a easy, fortunate, comfortable, safe home life; especially in later years. Philosophical home. Large family circle. Social & educational benefits from the community. Enjoys vast open spaces. Good relationships with siblings & others due to a compassionate & understanding nature. Weakness: Lawsuits over property. Living beyond means. Trouble thru parents.


Jupiter in 5th House
Creativity, Pleasure. Romance, Children, Loved Ones
Adventurous & lucky. Abilities in sports & creative arts. Good instincts for speculations & investment. Gains thru amusement, pleasure, love affairs and the opposite sex. Popularity & good friends. Collector of fine art. Fond of children & own children will be helpful. Teachers & advisors to youth. Weakness: Financial losses from over extending.


Jupiter in 6th House
Work & Daily Routines. Habits, Jobs, Colleagues, Health
May receive awards & be well respected in work. May have public recognition for brief periods. Good for healing others. Likely to receive good care if in need of attention & may even gain thru illness. Likes plush offices. Desires to be noticed thru clothing. May lack modesty. Work involving publishing, advertising, teaching, travel, law, politics. Weakness: Lawsuits. Dishonest. Chronic disorganization.


Jupiter in 7th House
Marriage, Partnerships. Public Dealings & Response
Open, warm & loving. Strong sense of justice. Social prestige, legal & financial benefits thru marriage/partnerships. Faithful partners. Multiple spouses. Foreign born partners. Marriage for money & status. Ideal for lawyer & judges. Philosophical. Weakness: Over optimistic & blind ambition. Deception in unions. If wedding date has been delayed ~ best to postpone.


Jupiter in 8th House
Sexuality, Regeneration. Others Resources/Support
Good fortune thru other peoples' money. Receives support from others & benefits in supporting others (friendships or monetarily). Possible telepathic & mediumistic abilities. Happy dreams. Harmonious sexual relations. Concern for life & death issues heightened. Inheritances. Peaceful death. Weakness: Debts. Lawsuits w/partners. Lacks good reasoning & judgement.
Jupiter in 9th House
Foreign Lands & Travel. Higher Learning & Philosophy
Adventurous nature. World traveler. Would do well to pursue higher education. Prophetic faculties. Clear foresight & intuition. Success thru publishing, writing, language, travel business, foreign living & work. A teacher. Enjoys philosophy, religion. Weakness: Extreme religious beliefs. Unable to discipline self in order to seek education & higher knowledge.


Jupiter in 10th House
Reputation, Honor. Authorities & Achievements
Highly visible thru work. Possible honors, recognition, public approval. Favorable advantages thru birth & marriage. Overcomes or unscathed by scandals. Good reputation. As years go on the more dignified you'll become. Religious. If Jupiter is in Earth Sign; wealth will be acquired. Weakness: Neglects domestic life to pursue career. Unfavorable publicity. Hypocrisy.


Jupiter in 11th House
Hopes, Dreams, Causes. Friends, Groups & Social Life
Well liked. Benevolent nature. Usually a full social life brought to you. Has true & fortunate friendships. Friendships w/prominent people. Contributes to humanitarian endeavors. Visualize & let your dreams be part of your everyday thinking; this is the position of Luck ~ dreams come true. Weakness: Ulterior motives among friends. Discontent. Extravagance causes downfalls.


Jupiter in 12th House
Hidden strength, Karma
Private & seclusive. Has the ability to make friends out of enemies & eventually gain thru them. Receives aid that is given secretly, quietly & last minute. Contributions & counsel to benefit others is common. A spiritual seeker & deeper interest in mediation or seclusion. Good for work in hospitals, spiritual retreats or any quiet healing occupation. Weakness: Irrational behavior. Dependency. Bad timing