Mars in 1st House
Personality, Life Outlook
Muscular, physical energy or good physique are traits of this position. Strong stamina & endurance. Enjoys challenges. Very independent. Takes action in the pursuit of liberty & freedom. Strongly placed in Fire signs. Love of sports. Recuperates easily. Impulsive. May be accident prone or have scar/bump on head or face. Possibly reddish complexion or hair. Weakness: Hot headed. Egotistical. Reckless.


Mars in 2nd House
Personal Resources. Finances, Values & Comfort
Enjoys the pursuance of money. Direct - knows what you want. Eager to amass wealth and eager to spend it. Extravagant. A self starter that never gives up financially. Desires to run own business. Rebuilds from financial disasters. Will defend personal property w/out hesitation. Money from active & competitive fields. Sports, military, manufacturing, etc. Weakness: Excessive means to acquire goods. Reckless financial ventures. Frivolous with earnings.


Mars in 3rd House
Siblings, Childhood, Local Environment & Communication
A fountain of mental activity. Direct in speech w/aggressive & interrogative tendencies that are often intimidating. Competitive nature that asserts its self to obtain information. Avoided & feared by others. Defender of family. Good for reporters, political commentators, work in communications & transportation. Weakness: Reckless remarks. Argumentative. Lack of control. Reckless driver.


Mars in 4th House
Family, Home, Roots Private Life, Property, A Parent
Must master own emotions & develop self control to have harmony at home. Desires to dominate & emotions run high at home. Strong constitution/energy until old age. Does well away from birthplace. Time spent on home repairs/additions. Strong mother influence. Seeks to acquire property for later years. Possible inheritance. Weakness: Quarrelsome at home. Home accidents, theft/fire.

Mars in 5th House
Creativity, Pleasure Romance, Children, Loved Ones
Actively pursues pleasure, love & sports. Fool hardy. A born romantic & all around flirt. Good disciplinarian. Athletic & competitive. Possible careers: artisans, sculptors, promoters, physical education teachers or working w/children. Weakness: Impulsive & unfortunate attractions to opposite sex. Gambling. Bad losers. Trouble with or thru children. Loss thru speculations. Difficult childbirth.


Mars in 6th House
Work & Daily Routines. Habits, Jobs, Colleagues, Health
Hard workers. Aggressive in business. Very physical job or very strong emotions are used in work. Precise in skills. May work w/power tools, clothing or in food service. Rules dangerous professions; fire, police, emergency, politicians, surgeons, action/stunt actors. Sexual attention from work. Keeps body in shape. Burns, rashes, accidents may cause problems. Weakness: Trouble w/coworkers.


Mars in 7th House
Marriage, Partnerships. Public Dealings & Response
Very alive, inspiring, industrious relationships. Much energy is invested into partnerships. Strong personality attracts verbal assaults. Tends to be aggressive. Controls while encouraging others. Involved in working with public. Early or hasty marriage. Best to settle out of court. Weakness: Conflicts on a regular basis w/partner. Business enemies. Loss thru litigation.


Mars in 8th House
Sexuality, Regeneration Others Resources/Support
Good investigative & psychic abilities. Understanding of investment & corporate finance. Strong desires & powerful emotions. Will go where others will not. Likes to have own secret activities. Potent sensual energies. Conqueror of others. Weakness: Difficulties w/finances held jointly; especially after marriage. Involvement in war or criminal activity. Ruthless.
Mars in 9th House
Foreign Lands & Travel, Higher Learning & Philosophy
Adventurers, seekers & crusaders with a love for justice. Benefits by moving about & traveling. Self educated, possessing a restless mind. Can be influential in chosen field. Undergoes changes in religion. Interest in politics, social reform, philosophy, religion & humanitarian causes. Possible border line fanatic. Weakness: Tyrannical. Lacks patience. Difficulties thru travel & in-laws.


Mars in 10th House
Reputation, Honor. Authorities & Achievements
Good for leading & commanding. Ambitiously searches for position, title & recognition. Persistent, even ruthless in pursuits. Driven by the thrills of freedom & joy of conquest. One of the best positions for success. Attains goals, sometimes unable to hold on to them. May need to learn cooperation. Problems in areas of father, authority, reputation. Weakness: Scandals. Bad reputation.


Mars in 11th House
Hopes, Dreams, Causes. Friends, Groups & Social Life
Strong energy expressed socially between friends/associates. Eager to be involved in social activities. Extremes in 11th House areas: passionate, enjoyable & contagious to outrageous, scandalous & offensive Revolutionary ways. Dissatisfied about social conditions. Athletic & strong minded friends. Weakness: Over indulgent w/friends. Alienates others. Argumentative. Overly reactive.


Mars in 12th House
Hidden strength, Karma
Good for strategy planning. Aggressive nature directed to hidden or secret desires. Hides true reasons & motivations for decisions & actions. Initiates quiet conspiracies. Exposes & stirs up hidden issues or past deeds. May have secret enemies. Pent up energy should be expressed creatively to over come inner resentments. Weakness: Involved in plots/conspiracies. Paranoid.
Confining work.