Saturn in 1st House
Personality, Life Outlook
Concentration & patience are used to achieve recognition & power. Insecure about self image. Exhibits self control or feels constraint. Accepts responsibilities & endures psychological burdens in early childhood. May not feel loved. More youthful spirit & successes in older age. May need to develop sense of humor & learn how to have fun. Weakness: Melancholy. Distrustful of others. Destructive habits to self.


Saturn in 2nd House
Personal Resources. Finances, Values & Comfort
Values are influenced by the prestige of money. Rich or poor; extra concerned about money. Sometimes periods of much hard work for little gain. Far sighted planners. Gains thru investment over time than get rich quick schemes & gambling. Possibly born in wealthy family. Good at getting moneys' worth in whatever bought. Deep fear of poverty. Weakness: Stinginess.


Saturn in 3rd House
Siblings, Childhood, Local. Environment & Communication
Patient. Honest. A matter of fact manner. Concerned w/justice. Will always seek knowledge. Capable of concentration on most profound & serious subjects. Holds expressions back due to fear of new situations. Always be cautious when signing papers. Weakness: Childhood loneliness. Disruptive educational experience, not interested or trouble obtaining schooling. Despondent.


Saturn in 4th House
Family, Home, Roots. Private Life, Property, A Parent
Strict or conservative upbringing. Uneasy in place of birth. Disciplines others. Strong spiritual attitude. Reclusive & more success as you grow older. Called on to carry on family traditions. Deprived of a parent; usually father. Security thru stabilizing domestic life. Good for managing property & holding real estate. Weakness: Ulcers. Inhibits self confidence. Indigestion.

Saturn in 5th House
Creativity, Pleasure. Romance, Children, Loved Ones
Likes solitary pleasures, quiet recreation. A time in life of being reserved, limited or restricted in self expression. Social entertainment for business reasons. Nervous in social situations. Attraction to older partners or mature in nature. Love comes later rather than earlier in life. Romance may involve obligations. Heavy responsibilities & may not be best to adopt children. Weakness: Constricted emotions.


Saturn in 6th House
Work & Daily Routines. Habits, Jobs, Colleagues, Health
Efficient & serious about profession. Carries extra load at work. Stays at same job for along time. Brings work home or works at home. May have routine orientated or hard physical work; yet specialized skills are acquired. If well placed; gives a strong physical constitution & financial rewards in chosen field. Weakness: Chronic health problems. Opportunities lost because of health. Low vitality. Workaholics.


Saturn in 7th House
Marriage, Partnerships. Public Dealings & Response
Cycles of having and not having positions of management &
cooperation with others. Regarded as an authority figure. Usually does not make friends easily. Upholds share of responsibility. Attracted to more mature, career minded partners and/or marriage later in life. Weakness: Cold, burdensome or unloving marriage. Losses through contracts & partnerships. Ill at ease in social life.


Saturn in 8th House
Sexuality, Regeneration. Others Resources/Support
Tremendous depth & complexity. Long life. Good managers/advisors. Learns use & abuse of other people's money/property. Possible sexual inhibitions or periods of being celibate. May marry one w/little money; but should not marry for money. Weakness: Losses thru litigation/divorce. Painful recovery in financial disasters. Denied inheritances.

Saturn in 9th House
Foreign Lands & Travel. Higher Learning & Philosophy
Recognition thru intellectual pursuits. Devotional spirit. Meditative. Religious issues & quests. Somewhat self righteous. Important to expand & seek beyond immediate environment. Likes education/learning while traveling. More business than pleasure travel. Weakness: Burdens with other countries, religions & cultures. Problems w/in laws. Fanatical. Narrow minded. Critical. Sarcastic.


Saturn in 10th House
Reputation, Honor. Authorities & Achievements
Strong position. Perfectionists. Driven to attain position & power. Authority & father issues may bring problems to overcome. May have to fulfill fathers' role. Needs privacy & solitude. Must have respect for personal duty & responsibilities, the value of time & public image; then wealth & recognition attained later in life. Weakness: Ruthless arrogant behavior causes downfalls.


Saturn in 11th House
Hopes, Dreams, Causes. Friends, Groups & Social Life
Develops & learns thru integrating in social groups. Has older friends, mentors & karmic friendships. Seeks to know influential people. Loyalty & good advice to & from others. Somewhat aloof, isolated. A desire to be normal & fit in but; may feel like an outsider. Responsibilities thru non biological children. Weakness: Unfortunate or deceitful friends. Afraid of being alone. Narrow vision.


Saturn in 12th House
Hidden strength, Karma.
Private. Secluded. Much time spent isolated or feeling isolated from others. Works best in isolation & behind the scenes. Retreats to be creative. Hidden emotions & secretive nature. May indicate work in charitable & government agencies, universities, hospitals or work done from home. Weakness: Obstacles in being yourself because of inhibitions, disciplines & fears. Must learn to confront problems. Selfishness.