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Oppositions: A Transiting Opposition to a Natal Planet placement is when two Planets are opposite each other and within 1-3 Degree Orb of each other 180 degrees apart. This is a polarized energy which brings challenges and confrontational influence. One Planet versus the other. Brings issues to peak and culmination. Also brings circumstances beyond your control.

Jupiter Opposition Natal Jupiter
A transit of expecting more than what you will receive. Not a good time to remain passive. Make every effort to advance your plans even if you must make some compromises. Difficult to impress others. Others may win your sought after rewards, honors or goals. Gullible. Don't take too much for granted in relationships. Liabilities occur through excesses. Over estimation. Experiences of burdens from previous extravagances. Expensive travel. Avoid over indulging, excess eating and drinking as well as any extravagant spending.