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Squares: A Transiting Square to a Natal Planet placement occurs when two planets are 90 degrees apart and within a 1 to 3 degree orb of each other. This indicates challenges. Planets that rub each other the wrong way. Problematic tension. The Square Transit makes the Natal planet feel confined and brings challenges to some more than others; - depending on the two Planets involved. Remember Squares also make things happen. They can bring on confrontational energy that allows breaking free of confining situations.

Jupiter Square Natal Neptune
A transit with a reputation as fairly non productive aspect. The more you say the more you are misunderstood. Over exaggeration is present. Untruth or story telling from others or from you. Tendency to delude yourself. Careful! - all that glitters is not gold. Double check all financial dealings. Beware of all drugs. Religious ideals are perhaps foggy. Mystical and occult activities maybe touched upon this week. Travels and journeys are not clearly organized.