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Oppositions: A Transiting Opposition to a Natal Planet placement is when two Planets are opposite each other and within 1-3 Degree Orb of each other 180 degrees apart. This is a polarized energy which brings challenges and confrontational influence. One Planet versus the other. Brings issues to peak and culmination. Also brings circumstances beyond your control.

Mars Opposition Natal Neptune
A transit that brings vague difficulties. Increases fear in your mind. Desirous of escaping - in order not to face present circumstances. Your personal secrets may be brought to surface today. Expressions of deep seated anger. Deception or fraud in finances. Working in seclusion or dedicated work is favored for the next 2 to 4 days. Caution ~ be careful around intoxicants, chemicals, gases and trips or activities involving water. Poor treatment concerning hospitals. May bring premonitions of disaster. It is good however for dancing and being inspired artistically.