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Natal Planetary Aspects:

Natal Aspects are the interplanetary links and relationships between the Planets and are calculated by precise degree measurements. In essence creating a flow chart of the Planetary vibrational energy. Aspects between Planets that are fortunate engage the higher frequency of the Planets. (Some Conjunctions, Trines & Sextiles). Aspects between Planets that are unfortunate attract the lower frequency of the Planet - sometimes activating the Weakness of that reading. (Some Conjunctions, Oppositions & Squares).

A good place to start is to find out what your Natal Aspects to the Sun, Moon and *the Ruler of your Rising Sign are. The most important and influential aspects are the Trines, Squares, Oppositions and Conjunctions. Utilizing the Aspect Finder align both square and trine tip together and then point at the Sun. This will allow you to see all your aspects to the Sun at one time. You have an aspect if other planets are found on any of the other tips of the Aspect finder. You can find Aspect readings and information on planetary influences in most books that offer Natal Astrology readings. Now determine if your aspects are exact, close or wide. This is figured by examination of the degrees. Are the aspects formed at the same degree, within a few degrees or just within the limits of their **Orb of influence? Aspects that are exact are more influential than those that are wide.

Other qualifying influences that help determine planetary attributes.

What Sign - are these planets in ~ Signs tint the energy.
What House - Houses show the area of life these planets are activating.
What Quality - momentum of sign energy ~ are these planets in ~
Cardinal ~forward and initiating energy,
Fixed ~consistent and sustaining,
Mutable ~adjustable and adaptable.
What Element -Elements show the method of expression these planets are using.
Fire ~ motivated, Earth ~ stable & steady,
Air - communicative, Water ~ imaginative.

Finally: What are the closest aspects & tightest orbs ~ firstly and foremost between the Sun and Moon; then the Ruler of the Chart and then the rest of the planets. Then which planets are Ruling their sign (powerful) or are placed in Detriment (uncomfortable).

* Ruling planet: On the Workstation within each of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac you will see information about who the Ruling planet is and what planets are in dignity, detriment, exaltation or fall for that Sign.
**Orb of influence for Natal Aspects: For Sun and Moon most astrologers will use 10 degrees between the Sun or Moon and the aspecting planet. For all other Planets usually the orb is considered to be 07 degrees. (Transit Orb of Influence is much less.)

General Guidelines and Overview of
Conjunctions ~ Oppositions ~ Squares ~ Trines

These Aspect guidelines ~ whether they are used for Natal or Transiting Aspects are to be used only as a general guide to understand their interpretative influence. The main difference between Natal & Transiting Aspect is TIME! Natal Aspects are in effect your entire life or for "All Time" and Transiting Aspects are only in effect during the length of the Aspect or "Real Time".


When Sun Conjuncts other planets: Accentuates initiative & will power to work with other Planets involved.

When Sun Opposes: Conflicts of direction & will to Planets, Sign and House involved.

When Sun Squares: Difficulty and frustration in using will with other Planet and House involved.

When Sun Trines: Easy creative self expression between the Sun and other Planet and House.


When Moon Conjuncts: Heightened emotional responses influence other Planet, Sign and House.

When Moon Opposes: Emotionally difficult situations influencing Planet and House opposed.

When Moon Squares: Challenges of emotional frustration and incidents to Planet and House involved.

When Moon Trines: Emotional balance is strengthened with other Planets influence.

When Mercury Conjuncts: Mental abilities are enhanced and heightened in connection with other Planets.

When Mercury Opposes: Difficulty in communicating with others and matters relating to Planet and House involved.

When Mercury Squares: Argumentative and blocked in matters relating to the Planet and House involved.

When Mercury Trines: Inspired and harmonious abilities influence other Planet and House.

When Venus Conjuncts: Ease and harmony in expression; works well with other Planet and House influence.

When Venus Opposes: Areas of House, Sign and Planet concerned are Out of Sync and receiving inharmonious influence.

When Venus Squares: Unfulfilled and blocked emotion transmitted to energy of Planet and House concerned.

When Venus Trines: Benefits of harmony, ease, grace and artistic expression influence relationships between planets.

When Mars Conjuncts other planets: Energizing & passionate influence to Planet involved.

When Mars Opposes: Rash and aggressive opposition to Planet

When Mars Squares: Thwarted actions and misdirected energy to Planet and House concerned.

When Mars Trines: Strong passionate energy source working well with Planet and House concerned.


When Jupiter Conjuncts other planets: Enhancement and boost of optimism to Planet involved.

When Jupiter Opposes: Relates to difficulties in estimating actual abilities of Planet and House concerned.

When Jupiter Squares: Challenges ability to utilize expansive energy between Planets.

When Jupiter Trines: Additional optimistic expansive resource for Planet and House involved.

When Saturn Conjuncts other planets: Depends on Planet. Planet receives structure well or inhibits expression.

When Saturn Opposes: Isolates, shuns and restricts energy of other Planets.

When Saturn Squares: Frustration and difficult circumstance to overcome in connection with Planet and House involved.

When Saturn Trines: Concise abilities and Good Fortune enhance planet placement and House.

When Uranus Conjuncts other planets: Dynamic enhancement which may or may not work well with involved Planet.

When Uranus Opposes: Demanding erratic energy directed towards Planet and House involved.

When Uranus Squares: Impulsive influence directed towards Planet, House and Sign.

When Uranus Trines: Originality and excitement energizes Planet and House involved

When Neptune Conjuncts other planets: Intuitive and unconscious subtle influence units with Planet.

When Neptune Opposes: Enlightening or Disillusioning. Confusion and unreliability influence to other Planet involved.

When Neptune Squares: Disorienting vague and unclear direction concerning other planet involved.

When Neptune Trines: Inspirational and creative influence.

When Pluto Conjuncts other planets: Penetrating and concentrating abilities to boost and revive other Planets energy.

When Pluto Opposes: Dominating and alienating relationships between Planets.

When Pluto Squares: Dictatorial, overbearing influence in relationship to other Planet or House.

When Pluto Trines: Powerful Will to use creatively in connection with other Planet.