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Conjunctions: A Transiting Conjunction to a Natal Planet placement is when two Planets are placed within 1-3 Degree Orb of each other. Of course the closer the Conjunction the Stronger the effect. Conjunctions can be interpreted as two Planets that are blended or united to be One. Not all Planets are favorable 'blends'. Therefore the influence of this Aspect is always dependent upon the two Planets that are conjuncting. The favorable conjunctions (of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune) bring consolidating uniting energy which builds, merges and sets foundations. The combustible combinations of Mars, Saturn, Uranus & Pluto are more igniting, combustible conjunctions.

Neptune Conjunct Natal Venus
Once in a lifetime and rare transit. This Neptunian transit subtly changes your attitude, social skills, intimate behavior, personality and manners. Remember ~ as you begin this Conjunction you may start out by you deluding yourself - especially regarding your social/moral values. Then a subtle refinement and clarity develops as you go from being initially confused or paranoid about your situation in life to being enlightened. Seeing beauty where previously you had not seen it. Creativity ~ this transit is especially artistic and creative. Increases the ability to tune into the Elusive Universal hypnotic and mystical realms. Personality ~ allows for the harder edges of your personality to soften and harmonize. A chance to bring extraordinary charm and magnetism into your personality. Appearance ~ sensuality is naturally enhanced. A time of becoming more glamourous and intoxicating to others. Romance ~ regarding romances ~ those that are initiated under this influence may tend to over look the faults of the other or you may continually think that a better relationship is available. A roving eye and/or a string of memorable romances. Note ~ for the fortunate - this transit may bring The True Love of your life. Money ~ as both Venus and Neptune bring money - this aspect has possibilities of attracting money of mystical origins. The warning on this Conjunction is not to let yourself fall to the muddled energies of Neptune ~ therefore make choices that avoid over indulgence or over gratifying yourself with any of the substances Neptune rules ~ alcohol, drugs, medications, etc. Music may be especially helpful in life now.