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Oppositions: A Transiting Opposition to a Natal Planet placement is when two Planets are opposite each other and within 1-3 Degree Orb of each other 180 degrees apart. This is a polarized energy which brings challenges and confrontational influence. One Planet versus the other. Brings issues to peak and culmination. Also brings circumstances beyond your control.

Neptune Opposition Natal Mercury
This transit brings a lack of awareness and a muddled state of mind. Compared to walking around in a daze and being oblivious. Note ~ however - with a powerfully placed Natal Mercury - this transit brings a intuitive State of Being. Inspirational and brilliant flashes. In touch with gut feelings. Therefore Natal Mercury position is very important to fully understand this illuminating transit. Also possible ~ emotionally ~ you are feeling apprehensive, vague and very indecisive. Absorbed by disturbing emotions. Communications ~ are subject to misunderstanding and generally are unclear. May receive shocking news. Best to disregard gossip. Caution ~ when signing contracts. Deceptions. Note ~ one of the worst times to make important decisions. Even travel may bring peculiar incidences connected to it. Best to stick to what you know and wait it out! Money ~ spendthrift. Loss of money.