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Trines: A Transiting Trine to a Natal Planet placement is when two Planets are 120 degrees apart This Trine aspect means that the Planets exchange energy easily with each other. A harmonious interchange of energy. Also when things are going well, Trines keep things as they are. When life is not going so well, Trines are favorable and bring easing of burdens.

Neptune Trine Natal Mercury
This Neptunian influence floats in and out of your rational mind. Inspiring you to communicate and think in your most imaginative states. Excellent for writing poetry, musical and spiritual studies. Mentally ~ good for training your mind with positive thoughts and trusting intuition. Health ~ brings aid to your health and general well being of life. A good time to keep a journal or to be healed through writing, talking and listening. Opportunity ~ all Mercurial areas of life ~ communicating, transportation, publishing and sales, etc. are benefitted . You will see these rewards by the time this transit is finished. Relationships ~ successful efforts concerning community, neighbors and siblings.