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Trines: A Transiting Trine to a Natal Planet placement is when two Planets are 120 degrees apart This Trine aspect means that the Planets exchange energy easily with each other. A harmonious interchange of energy. Also when things are going well, Trines keep things as they are. When life is not going so well, Trines are favorable and bring easing of burdens.

Neptune Trine Natal Sun
This is a inspirational and illusive Neptunian transit. Creativity ~ enhances and energizes your creative imagination. Increases your sensitivity and compassion. Sharpens your powers of observation. Glamourizes your aura. Spiritually ~ contributes to spiritual understanding. New romance and friendships may be linked with spiritual or religious groups. Health ~ personal healing and/or upliftment of spirit through music and sense of smell. Socially ~ brings peculiar social activities to you. Doors open to the beautiful, creative and glamourous echelons of society. Business ~ favorable for business in perfumes, wine, drugs, art, flowers, footwear, dance and all water and ocean related (boats to snorkel gear) ventures. Work ~ charitable endeavors, working in hospitals and institutions. Good fortunes manifest effortlessly and in elusive ways. Dreams and wishes magically come true.