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Squares: A Transiting Square to a Natal Planet placement occurs when two planets are 90 degrees apart and within a 1 to 3 degree orb of each other. This indicates challenges. Planets that rub each other the wrong way. Problematic tension. The Square Transit makes the Natal planet feel confined and brings challenges to some more than others; - depending on the two Planets involved. Remember Squares also make things happen. They can bring on confrontational energy that allows breaking free of confining situations.

Pluto Square Moon
A transit of nervous tension, strains and general restlessness. Inner emotional revolution. Home ~ incidents of domestic and family power conflicts and quarrels. Depression and disappointments in the home. Or isolated circumstances. Emotionally ~ brings on emotional confrontations with those that are close to you. Circumstances of having your long buried emotions of the past - destabilize the present. Desire to escape present circumstances or be alone. Socially ~ joining to be part of rebellious or adventurous elements of society. Possible involvement in situations that are out of control. Ending of certain relationships that were once close to you. Mentally ~ psychological domination over others or being dominated by others, especially women. Opportunities ~ concentrate and pursue goals. Don't be distracted. Your obsessive behavior may ruin opportunities. Money ~ take care in financial matters. Learn ~ pain and sorrow is carried because we are human - this is a good time to redirect you going back in to your past and hunting for someone or something to blame. Pluto and Moon are very comfortable which each other. Also enhances healing and emotional regeneration on how to carry unpleasant memories with grace.