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Trines: A Transiting Trine to a Natal Planet placement is when two Planets are 120 degrees apart This Trine aspect means that the Planets exchange energy easily with each other. A harmonious interchange of energy. Also when things are going well, Trines keep things as they are. When life is not going so well, Trines are favorable and bring easing of burdens.

Pluto Trine Mars
A very empowering transit which brings rebirth in confidence and personal power. Rejuvenation of physical self. This is a healing aspect either to yourself or giving you the ability to heal others. Professionally ~ leadership and decision making abilities are strengthened. Big steps forward in attainment of goals. Challenges ~ situations and circumstances in which you must stand up for your rights are successful for you. Legal ~ justice in legal issues. Business ~ new methods and strategies in doing business prove to be very beneficial. Good time to overhaul existing business and turn your ideas into actuality. Abilities to organize large scale projects or movements. Details that are taken care of now help to create and/or support strong foundations for success. Politics ~ powerful position if involved in political pursuits. Sports ~ those involved in athletics and competitive sports are blessed with honors and rewards. Home ~ good for repairs and renovation on the home.