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Oppositions: A Transiting Opposition to a Natal Planet placement is when two Planets are opposite each other and within 1-3 Degree Orb of each other 180 degrees apart. This is a polarized energy which brings challenges and confrontational influence. One Planet versus the other. Brings issues to peak and culmination. Also brings circumstances beyond your control.

Saturn Opposition Natal Pluto
This transit is similar to being caught between a rock and hard place. Overview ~ if you are experiencing outright, obvious setbacks and obstacles in your plans ~ it is time for you to see what can be salvaged and start in a new direction. Remember ~ use what ever is working for you and let go of the rest ~ otherwise all may be lost. Beware of ~ betrayals and/or dishonesty in own decisions and/or actions. Obstacles or dangers here include ~ seeking revenge on others, lawsuits, oppressive government, blackmail and coercion from others. Struggles with and between those who have the authority and power. Relationships ~ termination of long standing associations. Dramatic and final endings in partnerships or even relationships. It is said that whatever happens under this Opposition is meant to be and is commonly called the aspect of 'fate'.