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Squares: A Transiting Square to a Natal Planet placement occurs when two planets are 90 degrees apart and within a 1 to 3 degree orb of each other. This indicates challenges. Planets that rub each other the wrong way. Problematic tension. The Square Transit makes the Natal planet feel confined and brings challenges to some more than others; - depending on the two Planets involved. Remember Squares also make things happen. They can bring on confrontational energy that allows breaking free of confining situations.

Saturn Square Natal Jupiter
This transit brings limitations on personal freedoms. Inclined to feel I can't handle anything more so - 'things are fine'. Emotionally ~ increased restlessness and frustration resulting from too many rules and regulations. Money ~ monetary and economic hardships. Ambitions ~ accomplishments in the political and/or religious arenas are not favored. Legal ~ difficulties or problems with those in power. Work ~ an inability to do your best work by choice or by circumstances. Does not prepare and inclined to spread self too thinly. Business and financial difficulties. Not favorable for business expansion, changing jobs or seeking higher education admissions. Note ~ The benefit of this transit is to bring the most diligent efforts out of you ~ however hard work and persistence in all areas is required.