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Trines: A Transiting Trine to a Natal Planet placement is when two Planets are 120 degrees apart This Trine aspect means that the Planets exchange energy easily with each other. A harmonious interchange of energy. Also when things are going well, Trines keep things as they are. When life is not going so well, Trines are favorable and bring easing of burdens.

Saturn Trine Natal Uranus
A transit that is favorable for making original and creative changes in life. A nervous but capable energy. Unexpectedly being in positions to do what you have always wanted to do. Successful conclusions to long standing problems. Good for learning new skills, mental and philosophical pursuits, engineering, political and legal work. Benefits from older persons, establishments and groups. Possible professional recognition and honors. Sometimes rigid and determined individuals may stress out with this aspect. Try to go with the flow. Look for the opportunities even if life does not seem to be going your way - usually everything will work out better.