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Oppositions: A Transiting Opposition to a Natal Planet placement is when two Planets are opposite each other and within 1-3 Degree Orb of each other 180 degrees apart. This is a polarized energy which brings challenges and confrontational influence. One Planet versus the other. Brings issues to peak and culmination. Also brings circumstances beyond your control.

Uranus Opposition Natal Mercury
An accelerated pace of life. Challenges that require quick responses. Try not to take on more responsibilities than you can handle. Mentally ~ radical changes in thinking. Emotionally ~ more high strung and nervous than usual. Communications ~ that are quarrelsome, chaotic and out of control and of a rebellious nature. Fragmented and a more than usual amount of news and communications, both good and bad. Travel ~ unexpected travel. Vacations may be full of surprises. Confusing and/or dangerous business travel. Danger ~ involving electrical equipment. Relationships ~ disturbances in the neighborhood. Broken agreements concerning siblings and/or community.