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Squares: A Transiting Square to a Natal Planet placement occurs when two planets are 90 degrees apart and within a 1 to 3 degree orb of each other. This indicates challenges. Planets that rub each other the wrong way. Problematic tension. The Square Transit makes the Natal planet feel confined and brings challenges to some more than others; - depending on the two Planets involved. Remember Squares also make things happen. They can bring on confrontational energy that allows breaking free of confining situations.

Uranus Square Natal Saturn
A shattering transit in which your security and familiar ways are being reorganized for future greater freedom. This is considered a generational transit and sometimes may involve you being drawn into unexpected controversies. Challenges ~ new directions emerge after dramatic and unexpected occurrences. When you use the element of surprise with innovative actions in handling events much can be accomplished. Work ~ inability to keep to your previously planned goals. Long established associations and contacts are disrupted. Sudden release from previous responsibilities and authority. Creative and career difficulties. Attitude ~ may bring on uncontrolled erratic actions by you. Suspicious of others. Fanatical views. Quarrels with authority or older persons. Health ~ possible ill health or depression. Much anxiety spent in trying to preserve foundations and ways of life. Note ~ There is a general disarray in life as Uranus forces you to let go of worn out conditions and circumstances that are no longer for your good. Remember ~ look for compromises in all areas of life.