Conjunctions: A Transiting Conjunction to a Natal Planet placement is when two Planets are placed within 1-3 Degree Orb of each other. Of course the closer the Conjunction the Stronger the effect. Conjunctions can be interpreted as two Planets that are blended or united to be One. Not all Planets are favorable 'blends'. Therefore the influence of this Aspect is always dependent upon the two Planets that are conjuncting. The favorable conjunctions (of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune) bring consolidating uniting energy which builds, merges and sets foundations. The combustible combinations of Mars, Saturn, Uranus & Pluto are more igniting, combustible conjunctions.

Venus Conjunct Natal Pluto
You may feel more charming than usual with this transit. But ~ be careful not to over interpret flattery from others as a real romantic interest. Issues of ~ taxes, inheritances and alimony. Sexual desires or jealousies may be brought to surface today if they have not been previously resolved. Possible situations and social events that may need you to step in, organize or take charge.